Unofficial Salary and Benefits for the Grandview Heights Police Department



Salary 2011

Salary 12/14/11

Salary 12/11/12

0 < 1 year of service




After 1 year of service




After 2 years of service




After 3 years of service




After 4 years of service*








Officers and sergeants receive an additional 95 cents an hour beginning 12/16/09 for shift differential. After five years members receive $600 longevity pay and an additional $40 per year after the initial five years. Longevity pay is paid in one lump sum before Christmas.

A newly hired police officer who has been certified by the Ohio Peace Officers Training Council and has at least two (2) years of law enforcement experience prior to date of hire may be compensated upon hire at any rate of pay up to the "after two years" hourly rate as determined by the City.

Field Training Officers will receive  one dollars and fifty cents ($1.50) per hour for each hour the member serves.

* Officers hired after 1/1/09 have a fourth step to reach top pay. Officers hired before 2009 with three years of service will be paid at the four year rate.



Years of Service

Hours a year

Bi-weekly hours

0 to 3 years of service


3.7 hours

After 3 years of service


4.4 hours

After 8 years of service


5.3 hours

After 12 years of service


6.8 hours

After 17 years of service


7.5 hours

After 22 years


8.3 hours



Officers receive ten paid holidays per year which are paid in one lump sum before Christmas with longevity pay. Recognized holidays are: New Year's Day, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, President's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Veteran's Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, and any day declared by the Mayor as a special holiday. In addition, officers are given one personal day a year.

Officers receive one personal day and may accumulate up to 120 hours of compensatory time.

Sick Leave

Approximately 15 sick days are accrued each year, with no maximum. Sick days may be partially reimbursed at separation after a minimum of 10 years of service for one-fourth of officers accrued sick time up to 2,400 hours. Up to 48 hours of unused sick leave may be cashed in at the beginning of the next year for those who wish to enroll in the program.



Officers are enrolled in the Police and Fireman's Disability Pension Fund. Officers may retire with 25 years of service and a minimum age of 48. Officers may also enroll in a 457 deferred compensation plan with either Aetna, Nationwide, or Prudential or a combination thereof.


Uniform Allowance

Only plainclothes officers shall receive a uniform reimbursement of $850.00.  Part-time plainclothes officers may receive up to $200. Uniforms, necessary equipment, and replacement equipment will be provided to officers at no expense.



Officers pay 12.5% of the monthly cost of health insurance per member.  Effective 12/01/11 the rate will be increased to only 15%.  Officers may also participate in a Section 125 plan. Each officer is provided $75,000 worth of group life insurance  free of charge and that amount is doubled if killed in the line of duty.  Additional life insurance is available for purchase.

Tuition Reimbursement

The following degrees are approved for up to $3,500. There is a two year and three year commitment after disbursement respectively.

Associates only

Bachelors Only

Associates, Bachelors, or Masters


Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #9

The Grandview Heights Police Department is represented by the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #9. Officers who choose not to become F.O.P. members must pay fair share fees determined by the Lodge. Although information on this page is believed to be generally correct, check with the F.O.P. Lodge or the City of Grandview Heights to obtain official information.









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